Canceled Events

General Meeting of April 4, 2020

The General Meeting scheduled for April 4, 2020 is canceled. The next meeting is scheduled for October 3, 2020, organized by the H-DC Catalan Eagles.

The Amicale Brennus

The fourth edition of the Amicale Brennus organized by H-DC Brennus is canceled.
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Buffalo's Tribe Rally

The H-DC Buffalo's Tribe rally scheduled to take place from May 15 to 17 in Sancheville is canceled.

Border Run

Organized by H-DC Breda, this rally scheduled for June 19, 20 and 21 is canceled.

H-DC Twente rally

The H-DC Twente informs us that its rally originally planned for June 12 to 14 has been canceled.

Wallace Rally

The Caledonia H-DC announces the cancellation of its rally on the dates May 27 to 31.

Castle Bike Show

The H-DC Tasunka Wichasha rally scheduled to take place june 11 and 12 in Saint Sauveur le Vicomte is canceled.

New Clubs

Three new clubs joined H-DC France in early May 2020.

H-DC Ehwaz, sponsored by the H-DC Picardos, they are 3 members in their club and located in Brionne 27.

H-DC Ghost Biker Road, sponsored by the H-DC Les Gueules Noires, they are 4 members in their club and located in Trith Saint Léger 59.

H-DC Katuak Beltzak, sponsored by the H-DC Stone Age, they are 3 members in their club and located in Lahonce 64.

Welcome to these clubs.

2020 super rally

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1947 - 1955
The Harley Club of Paris was the first French club Harley. Most of the bikers who made up this group, had found their Harley of the American army which sold its machines after its demobilization.
In 1951 HC Paris participated in the international rally of Basel (Switzerland).
In 1953, the Eiffel Tower Rally marked the heyday of HC Paris.
1955 - 1969
Until 1969, no activity ... and the birth of the Harley-Club de St Germain en Laye, founded by Alain Le Breton.
1971 - 1985
1971 - Creation of the Harley-Davidson Clubs of France by René Dindin - Rally of Maisons Lafitte
1972 - 60 active members
1978 - Coluche is an honorary member (he entered the club in 1973)
1980 - Death of President Lionel Matra. 1985 - End of the adventure of the H-DCF
1985 - 1992
New break until 1992, when Les Clodos, Les Morfals, La Grotte aux Fous and the Old Stars give a new start to H-DCF.
Since 1992 The structure of the H-DCF is no that of a club, but becomes a federation of H-D clubs where each club is autonomous in its organization. .

H-DC FRANCE celebrated its 20th anniversary at the Grau du Roi the 3rd weekend of August 2012.

At the General Meeting of March 26, 2016, a vote has been organized to elect the new board. Walter Grün announced that he would not renew his candidacy and let his post as President, a position he had for more than 20 years.
Patrice Brunaud succeeded Walter as President until the end of 2019 when he ended his mandate as President.
A call for candidates was organized following this resignation and Jean-Louis Chadrou took over the presidency of H-DC France in April 2020.

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President : Jean-Louis (H-DC Stone Age)
Vice-president : Ross (H-DC Ulfarks)
Tresorer : Olivier (H-DC Bootleggers)
Secretary : Alain (H-DC Les Morfals)
substitute : Michel (H-DC Mogasor)

The HARLEY-DAVIDSON CLUBS DE FRANCE (FH-DC France) is a group of several H-DC (Harley-Davidson Club), which does not take registration of individuals or independents. Only a HARLEY-DAVIDSON CLUB declared as such in the prefecture (french administration) can become membership H-DC France, it must be sponsored by a club already part of our association and will have to fulfill a period of 2 years of probation. 

H-DC France is a member of H-DC Europe and now has 39 clubs.